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Facebook is now the first online point of contact between you and all over the world’s people.

It also helps to build up a connection with you and your customers. 

According to Facebook, a user stays active on Facebook for an average of fifty-five minutes per day. 

And eighty percent of consumers are most likely to purchase from local businesses.

When people like a product or service of a company, we review that product or service in different ways. 

So, are your online business then read this article where we are showing about Facebook Review.

You will know how Facebook Review offers your business and what the result is.

How to Manage Facebook Reviews

Good Facebook Review takes your brand at a certain level. You will get trusty and potential customers. 

So, If you think of maintaining Facebook Review ratings, you need to do simple tasks.

  • First of all, you go to the settings option located at the top of your page.
  • Click the edit page; you will find a template section.
  • Scroll reviews section
  • Here you see the settings button next to the reviews option and click it.
  • If you do not get it, you can see the add tab button at the bottom of the page.
  • You will get show reviews. You can turn it off and turn on
  • Click it to save the change.
  • To get notification from your page, edit your notification settings.
  • If you want to get information on reviews, select the email option.

How to Turn On Facebook Review Tab

To make feedback easy for people, you should ensure people see the reviews section on the left side of your page.

You can customize the page managers tab on the left-hand side of your pages. Facebook allows you to make one of those tabs reviews for easy access.

  • Go to setting options.
  • You will get an edit page option and click it.
  • You will get a section title tab.
  • Turn it on and click the button to use the default tab.
  • Scroll, and you will get the Add Tab button.
  • Select the reviews tab.

Now you can show up your reviews on your page. It is more important to enrich your brand.

How to Get Customers Feedback

To get a review of what from a customer, you will set up to receive a Facebook Review. 

Sometimes It is necessary to give a little push to the people for your business reviews. The customer does not know about your importance. 

But it is you who want to reach a goal. It is not true that Facebook Review sounds like an uncomfortable task. We are here to give you a guideline.

  • Go to email templates for reviews.
  • Make an automated follow-up.
  • Create an email follow-up.
  • Ask for text follow-ups.
  • Make an option for direct mail.
  • Create a call option to take action immediately.
  • For a reminder, ask people to check on Facebook.
  • Offer customers a voucher or coupon for check-in.
  • Directly ask the people about their satisfaction with your services.

It is plenty of ways to reach customers quickly and create a good relationship between customers and the company.

Collect Facebook Review

Now you should know how to collect Facebook Review. There are some ways to receive feedback. 

Motivate Your Customer to Check-in

Facebook often promotes visitors if they have recently checked-in. Update Facebook page quickly and make sure you have a social media marketing strategy. Encourage people to give a review after check-in.

Collect Review Via Email

If you do not request, you do not get feedback.

Another easy way to get feedback is to ask people. Request your customer to leave a comment. Send them an email to give a review on social media.

Write a Review on Your Page

You can request your customer to write a Facebook post for a review of your product and services. And manage this post with five hundred characters.

It is a positive impact to reach your business in a high position.

Engage Visitor Review

When your visitors leave a review, you should reply to them politely and encourage them to invite more people on your page. 

It can create more visitors and Facebook reviews also. Visitors can spread your business all over the world. 

So give excellent attention to visitor’s reviews.

Take the Review Software

Invest a reputation software in managing and monitoring the review and comment. Such as Review Dingo, this software can manage bad and good reviews.

It promotes your positive review and protects you from fake reviews. Boost positive reviews and grow your business.

How to Turn of a Negative Review

A positive review can build up your brand, but a negative review can damage your reputation. 

Do you want to delete it? 

You can not do that.

Only the person who posted the review can manage it. Only the person can edit or delete it.

But do not worry.

Contact with that customers and try to solve the problem. If you can do that, then politely request them to change it negative to positive reviews.

If you prevent them, you can report it to Facebook. You can only report them. If it is against the Facebook policy, facebook asked you some questions. 

You should answer it adequately. Then Facebook took a step about this lousy review. Remembered, A negative review impact on your business.

So be careful about managing reports. 

Rating Converted to Recommendation 

Facebook Review moved into a new format recommendation. The main change comes into the option, and that is yes or no. If you have activated your reviews option, then you do not need to change.

If people say yes, then they can answer positive things about your business. They also provide you with some ideas to grow your business, which ranked your business at the top level.

Why Reviews are Important

Facebook is king for local service-based businesses. 

So many people all over the world connected with this platform. It can easily connect with many people at a time.

Using social media, those who are doing business are sharing their products with many customers.

So Facebook Review is more critical for them.

Facebook Review gives a company an excellent opportunity to increase business and transparency with their audience.

Monitor review every day and do not need to give more concern on poor review.

Just keep on the eye and try to handle both positive and negative reviews.

It spoils your time also. Facebook Reviews are not only for your social reputation but also impact on your brand reputation.


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