Frequently Asked Questions

Are these Real Users? Is it Safe?

A part of people is from inactive user accounts. Yes, we admit it. But don’t think they will not engage (like comment or share) on your profiles or pages.

Our services should be used to boost business in the social media sphere. We play a strong role to do that. So it’s totally safe to use.

Why are your Prices so Low?

Social media marketing is what we do. We have optimized methods over the past 6 years to keep costs at the lowest possible. Our production-costs drop as our production-volume and connections increase.

We cannot go into too much detail as to the nature of our production, for competitive reasons.

Will my Likes/Followers Count Drop?

No. But we offer 30 days free replacement guarantee, if the drop from the completion of your order, we always redeliver. We commit ourselves to our part but work hard on managing your profiles/pages carefully.

How Long Does it take to see Result?

Delivery times vary according to order size. Campaigns will start within 6 -12 hours once the purchase is confirmed.

Sometimes there are short delays due to our credit card processor fraud check systems. We notify you if these delays happen.

Do you Take Custom or Bulk Orders?

Yes, we do. If you have large orders that deserve a special price, feel free to contact us through or get in touch with our Customer Support.

Which Payment Methods do you Accept?

Currently running only PayPal. But you can also pay via Credit/Debit Card that is included on PayPal.