About Us – Active Likes

Learn About Us of ActiveLikes.com

activelikes.com is the market-leading online reviews provider and business reputation management company.

We have done multi hundreds of projects for worldwide businesses for the last few years. Including a few groups of companies.

How we do the reviews works?

We have a dedicated team for every single sector. Like..

  • Orders and clients handle.
  • Analysis of the business behavior and select working method.
  • Content structure and writing (if the client pays for writing).
  • Local profile management and review posting.
  • Reviews maintain if we will feel any problems on that.

Every single project goes into this process. WE ONLY DO LOCAL REVIEWS.

How we have been managing review texts?

There are 2 ways for managing the texts of the reviews.

  1. Client provides that
  2. We need to write texts

Maximum times clients love to provide the texts, and images for a little bit. And we always appreciate that.

A very little amount of clients pay us for writing the texts. Then our dedicated team handles that.

What is our working quality and area?

As I told you before, we only do local reviews. Like, if your business is in NYC then your business will get reviews from NYC’s profiles. Obviously, the profile name will be local. With male and female profiles.

Yes. We can do any reviews as you want. If you want only females then we will do with only female profiles. Same also like males.

Also, we can provide with profile pic.

These profiles live only in this area for a lifetime. Not will be used for any other locations.

How do we receive payment?

We love to work monthly basis. Like we will send you to report every end of the month, then you will pay us.

But this is for only big projects.

Our major payment methods are Direct local bank transfer, Card payment by creating invoices, Cryptocurrency. Sometimes PayPal also.